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  • KC Vaghela – Fashion & Lifestyle
    KC Vaghela – Fashion & Lifestyle

    WordPress website design & build for KC Vaghela Fashion & Lifestyle brand.

  • Wishful Thinking
    Wishful Thinking

    Portrait created for a friend. Inspired by my love of Caravaggio art.

  • Bond – Octane Magazine
    Bond – Octane Magazine

    James Bond article for Octane magazine based on the Aston Martin DB5.

  • Meet the sims
    Meet the sims

    Campaign, flash & character design for sim cards theme ‘Meet the Sims’.

  • mwob

    Website & branding. The best in technology & gadgets, &

  • Wireless World
    Wireless World

    Come in an explore the Wireless World. Flash project for e2save mobiles.

  • Best Cashback 4U
    Best Cashback 4U

    Website design and branding for online cashback comparison company Best Cashback 4U.

  • Logos

    A selection of my logo designs for clients and experimenting with designs.

  • e2save mobiles
    e2save mobiles

    Web and print design on multiple platforms for corporate company e2save mobiles.

  • Free Bets Sport
    Free Bets Sport

    Website build, branding & big emphasise on SEO for Free Bets Sport.

  • Mobli Characters
    Mobli Characters

    Carphone Warehouse Moblis’. Personalised designs to depict my very own work colleagues.

  • Experimentation

    Me messing around and experimenting with design. My personal bits and bobs.

  • QED Alarms – Coming Soon
    QED Alarms – Coming Soon

    Website design and branding for QED Alarms a UK based alarm distributor.