Meditations & Memoirs

These are entries from my little journal I carry everywhere. I jot down what I think of something that has happened or maybe something that I have seen. Thoughts and perspective on everyday life. I hope you can relate to some. I will update this page every few weeks with entries big and small or find me tweeting about them every now and then. Some entries though, stay in the journal….

I have no shield, I have no armour, I am just me, I am free.

My freedom is not for you to take, my freedom is not for me to give.

Your flattery has no meaning, while your criticism inspires me.

More than I could give. The truest human I have ever met, a true gift. If the world only was filled with people like you we would live in true harmony. You truly are one of a kind.

Judge not those around you, judge only the person within you.

Speak nothing but the truth, because you never know when a lie will come back to bite.

Old people make me happy. When you see them doing the things you do when your young, they seem eternal. I wish I have such joy when I cease to be young no more.

In the face of a lie, only on occasion let it be. For your mercy will far outweigh you condemning.

…And then there was one. But the story will always go on.

Without women you would have peace. With women you sacrifice that for much more.

Evil does evil like it should. Let them be and find yourself peace.

He who knows not his self, knows not much else.

There are many things in life given to us for the wrong reasons. What we do with such blessings…. is the true test of the man.

Love thy closest to you with all you have. There is a reason why nature choose them for you.

Don’t ever lose your path. Let them knock you, let them condemn you, let them do what they wish. Focus on the path, nothing more.

He who cannot be in his ‘own’ company, should choose not to be in another’s company.

Money may fill your desires, more so tranquility will fill your necessities.

Don’t take a strength in life to far. It can destroy you and take over your true nature. Learn to controls your strengths.

Live like a real man, show them nothing else, be nothing else.

Live life with fulfilment each day. So on your last breath before death you do not muster “did I live.

It is only you that controls your own heart. Remember that and you will always ‘live’ free.

When the storm comes, look through the eye of the hurricane, u will come out stronger than ever before.