Typography Inspiration – Awesome portraits created from typography

Typography Inspiration – Awesome portraits created from typography

Typography is a master art in itself. The old type foundries of the day to the modern outlandish foundries that exist today, each has it’s own character and beauty.

I remember in my school and college days learning the art of type and the meticulous attention that goes in creating a typeface. Type can turn good design into great design. I’ve always found that to be the missing link in my own designs. If my typography eye matched up to the eye I have for design then maybe it would push me to the next level.

These artists below showcase their typography skills in abundance by creating portraits using only type. I know myself the difficulty of creating a digital portrait. You can check mine out here (self plug…). Using type to create a portrait in itself is masterful and credit goes to these artists. My personal favourite being Jonas Fleuraime and his Daft Punk piece. His work is stunning, you can find his crafted portfolio at Just Evolve. These pieces really put the ‘face’ into typeface.

Lil Wayne - Typography Inspiration
Rihanna - Typography Inspiration
Jonas Fleuraime - Daft Punk - Typography Inspiration
Chris Wicks Lyric Portrait  - Typography Inspiration
Pluckylump – Obama  - Typography Inspiration
Cris Wicks - Mr Marley
Some beautiful work and some true inspiration to fuel you for your next creative session. Hey remember to drop a comment and show your appreciation of their work.
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  1. Sammy

    April 13th, 2011 at 11:22 pm

    Geez. Great art makes you think how the hell do these guys even think where to start.

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